Dear guests,


In order to prepare you well
for your stay at the Carolus Thermen,
we provide you with an overview
of the current requirements and conditions.


Please read this information carefully.


We recommend booking your stay at the Carolus Thermen online in advance via our new ticket system.


Admission to the Carolus Thermen is in accordance with the 2G rules: vaccinated, recovered.
(Valid from Monday, November 22nd, 2021 – before that, 3G with test max. 6 hours old)


For the protection of all guests and employees, we will only allow access to guests who can provide one of the following officially recognized proofs:


– complete vaccination at least 2 weeks ago

– previous Corona illness at least 28 days and maximum 6 months ago



All proofs are only valid in combination with a valid photo ID. Presentation of the ID-card is obligatory.

This regulation applies to all visitors, including children aged 16 and over. Children between the ages of 6 and 16 are still allowed to enter with an antigen test no older than 6 hours.


For the further protection of our guests as well as our staff, we ask you to follow the AHA rules (distance, hygiene, everyday life with mask) on your own responsibility.


You have to wear a mask in the entrance area, where we will check your proof regarding the 2G regulation. Further on you are then allowed to remove the mask throughout the house.


You can find more details in our FAQ